Hi! I’m Mauranda! I’ve spent the last 9 years educating kids, teens and adults on food and nutrition. Now, I’m taking on clients to create personalized plans and give the thorough food and nutrition education needed to reach their goals. I’m ready to inspire you to become an even better version of yourself!

I’m happy to discuss my consultation services further via email!

My Wholesome Table Consultation Service

Let me educate you about food and nutrition. Individuals fall short of reaching their goals due to a lack of knowledge. Whether you are looking for an individualized plan customized to your goals or looking for broad, motivational knowledge in a group setting, My Wholesome Table can help!

Food & Nutrition Individual Consultations

Through a series of consultations, typically 4-6 weeks, we can help you achieve your food and nutrition goals by creating a personalized plan best suited for you. With so much information out there, we can curate a personalized plan based on your food preferences, dietary restrictions, schedule, and budget, along with other needs and wants you might have. Food education has the power to give you and your body the best version of yourself. Let me share my wholesome table with you to help you create yours.

Your Wholesome Table Starter Package
Included in your package:
Initial consultation (up to 60 minutes)
-Comprehensive personal food and lifestyle review
Personalized digital plan
Second consultation (up to 60 minutes)
-Review personalized wholesome food plan based on your food and nutrition goals
Follow up correspondences
Third consultation (up to 60 minutes)
-Reflection and discuss additional goals with a sustainability mindset,

Recipes, meal plans, or additional follow up may be added to your plan as need included in your package price.

5 Week Wholesome Challenge

5 Week Wholesome Challenge
Included in your package:
5 weeks of intense challenges to help create a more wholesome life! We will communicate for the 5 weeks virtually. Videos will be sent to educate you on the goal and the purpose of the goal each week. The idea behind the 5 Week Wholesome Challenge is to slowly build habits, one after another. I will hold you accountable and send self-reflections followed by feedback.

Recipes, meal plans, and helpful tips will be given throughout the 5 weeks as needed.

Contact Mauranda @ mywholesometable@gmail.com for more information including consultation details, pricing and more.

Food & Nutrition Workshops

Motivational education to get your business wholesome
Great for your place of employment, both in-person and remote, My Wholesome Table can lead inspirational workshops to promote healthy eating habits. Workshops are flexible and can be best suited to your company’s educational needs and wants.

Contact Mauranda @ mywholesometable@gmail.com to find out more information such as workshop details, pricing and how to schedule your group session!


My Wholesome Table LLC is not operating as a medical professional and is not giving any type of medical advice. All consultations are to educate individuals on food and nutrition to better help them reach their goals. My Wholesome Table LLC operates as an educational consultation service and the scope of their services fall under the credentials held by the owner, Bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology and Education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design, only. All clients will sign a disclosure prior to service. At no point in time will medical advice be given to individuals. For all dietary concerns, individuals should seek medical attention from their primary care provider.