Welcome to My Wholesome Table!

Let me help you eat wholesome, delicious food.

Many individuals don’t enjoy eating the healthy, wholesome food that is best suited to nourish their bodies. We believe this disconnect is due to lack of education. Let us educate you on what it means to eat food that will improve your life and taste delicious!

Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin, although an autumn favorite, is timeless to me. If you find a good canned pumpkin and stock up (such as my favorite trader joe’s organic canned pumpkin) you can enjoy pumpkin recipes […]

Bolognese sauce (dairy free)

We’ve had great weather this summer so far, but occasional rain still comes our way. We welcomed this past rainy day because it meant a day of rest. Does anyone else view rainy […]

Zucchini Cookies

  What is more comforting than a cookie fresh from the oven? A guiltless cookie I might add…?? Nothing. It’s perfection. I’ve joked before about absolutely delicious recipes call for a quick rush […]


Family friendly jambalaya I might add. My husband and I typically like a little kick-which this recipe can be altered for…but for the whole family, we stuck with no spice. I tried to […]


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