Bay Scallops with Vegetable Pasta


1 lb. scallops (bay or scallop pieces)
2 zucchini
2 yellow squash
2 carrots
1 shallot
2 cloves of garlic
½ cup vegetable stock
Juice ½ lemon
Fresh basil
Coconut oil
Salt and pepper

1.  Use a vegetable peeler to ribbon squash, zucchini, and carrots. Slice shallot and set aside.
2. In a large skillet with coconut oil, cook carrots with salt and pepper covered over medium heat for 3-5 minutes.
3. Add shallot, squash, and zucchini to the skillet adding more coconut oil as needed. Add vegetable stock to skillet. Grate garlic into skillet and cover. Cook over medium heat, stirring as needed until tender, 15-20 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, in a separate skillet, sauté scallops in coconut oil, turning as needed.
5. Add scallops to vegetables with some of the juice. Add lemon juice and fresh chopped basil. Increase heat to high for 1-2 minutes.
For more flavor-add turkey bacon. One or two slices will give a nice smoky flavor!


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