Mauranda at My Wholesome Table was one of the best investments I’ve made for myself in a long time. I am mom, wife and work full time at a fast paced job. Eating healthy and wholesome foods was taking the back burner. I was going to the drive-thru before work, drinking a lot of coffee, skipping snacks and sometimes lunch. I’d come home from work and mindlessly snack and would eat dinner standing up, never fully enjoying my meals. I needed MWT consulting more than I ever knew! Mauranda was extremely detailed and took the time go over my daily schedule, what foods I enjoyed, the grocery stores I went to and when I had a pocket of time to meal prep. She used this information to build a very specific plan for me. I’ve done many other health and wellness programs and Mauranda’s is the only one I’ve seen results because of the personalization. After 6 weeks I lost weight, I am less bloated, I have saved money, gained knowledge in foods and reading food labels, simplified my meal planning and most importantly I am eating wholesome foods that benefit my health in so many ways. Not once did I feel restricted and now I am craving the healthy wholesome foods compared to the processed, high sugar foods. Engaging in Mauranda’s services have given me the tools to succeed and I feel so motivated and excited to continue this journey!