Eating out Debacle

At first, eating out was easy, we just didn’t do it! It was far too overwhelming to find something we could eat that wouldn’t make us sick let alone taste good! As we became more familiar with this new lifestyle, we decided not to hibernate and  give someone else control over what we were eating…sort of.
Do your research
Many restaurants are accommodating to people who eat a certain way, gluten or dairy free, vegetarian or vegan, the list goes on and on. Since most restaurants have their menu online, check to see if they have menus for special diets or are able to accommodate.  If all else fails, give the place a call and ask. Don’t be afraid to ask either! A good restaurant will have all the information on the ingredients they are using. If they don’t, then that should be enough of an indicator that it’s probably not a good idea.

Hidden problems
Many dressings, marinades, sauces, and toppings tend to have unwanted additives. Keeping your food as plain as possible is your best bet. If you can sub our dressing for salsa or oil and vinegar, you are usually safer. Most sauces for things like burgers, vegetables, chicken or fish will usually have butter or hydrogenated oils. Be mindful of that and try to get things without. Even gluten free foods may contain dairy and vise versa. So don’t assume.

The answer
Usually meat and a salad are your best bet. I’m also a big fan of Mexican food because it usually consists of beans and rice along with fresh vegetables. Another alternative is to host your own parties instead of going out! Throughout my food journey, I have learned that many people enjoy this lifestyle even if they eat mainstream. Show off those skills!

Hope this was helpful!


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