My Wholesome Journey…

I was recently asked a few questions about why I started My Wholesome Table and where I’m hoping to go with it. I love reflecting on this journey and am excited to see what God has in store for my family and the blog:)


I decided to start My Wholesome Table as a way to archive recipes that I was creating at home. My husband and I had always enjoyed home cooked meals, but we weren’t always the healthiest of eaters! We got educated on just what we were putting into our bodies and tried to stay away from processed foods with harmful side effects and enjoy foods that were wholesome. I found it IMPOSSIBLE to find recipes that we actually wanted to eat. Even great resources from cookbooks, blogs, online websites, and friends wasn’t quite what we were needing. I was tweaking recipes so much that I needed to write down the changes I was making. It wasn’t always easy because of this lack of recipe problem. The battle that most endure with healthy eating is because they aren’t actually enjoying the healthy foods. I was on a mission to change that. My husband, my biggest supporter, was always willing to try new things. He was always brutally honest with me and told me to change the sauce or that the texture was too difficult to stomach. I would tweak until we were both happy and healthy! We were satisfied with our eating habits and started to look forward to dinner time because that meant time together to enjoy delicious recipes.

Not eating healthy is just doing a disservice to your body. It does take work and discipline but is so worth it. Like anything, what you invest in, you’ll reap the benefits from. For my husband and I, eating healthy opened our eyes up to what we were lacking as our bodies started to heal. We had previously turned to doctors and medication, both of which didn’t help our problems. Little did we know that the medication our body needed was food.
The blog started to become more fun than I imaged. It started off as a way to archive recipes, which turned into a hobby. I love sharing my recipes with others and am thankful that the blog has created a platform for that. Once we started thriving in our new healthy, wholesome life, others started to ask questions. Why are you eating this way? Is it hard? Are you actually enjoying the food? How do you find the time? How do you find recipes? Can you share recipes? I am a giver and giving others the recipes wasn’t for my own personal satisfactions, but for them to better their life through their food choices. I am a strong believer that God gave us one body for us to take care of. Making smart food choices is our duty and we unfortunately suffer the physical consequences if we don’t.
My Wholesome Table is a personal look into our home that I hope can inspire others to take better care of their bodies. All the recipes are true to the lifestyle I live. I’m excited to see others use the recipes to better their life, that is a gift that I’m privileged to share. I continue to hope people see how easy it is to eat healthy. I am a full time high school teacher so time is very precious! These recipes aren’t going to keep you in the kitchen all evening, but they will satisfy you just the same. Although the blog started out as a personal reference for myself, friends, and family, I’m excited to see where this blog is heading. I do have big plans for the blog, but nothing that will change the integrity of how it all started. My Wholesome Table filled a void that I was searching for and it can help others just the same.

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