A few of my favorite things!

I absolutely love reading favorites! I’ve watched many videos and read many blog posts to learn about people’s favorites. How fun?! In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I’d write about my favorite kitchen equipment of the year. I’ve also linked them all below for your viewing pleasure! Hope you had a great Christmas!



  1. Dutch Oven- I went just a few months without this heaven-sent kitchen essential in my home. I love love love everything about this cast-iron goodness. My cast iron has been used to make everything from bread to popcorn to soups to sauces to whole chicken to stews and everything in between. The cooking quality of this product is unparalleled to any other type of material. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is just beginning their cooking adventures to if you are an expert!
    Dutch Oven
  2. Food Processor- This was one of my first items to register for when I first got engaged. I had used one before and knew it was a must have. I have used other food processor type items before that are smaller and less powerful. I can honestly say they were a waste of money. This worth every penny! I love using this for pesto. I don’t have to chop anything up I just through everything in. I’ve also used it for grinding up nuts, chocolate, garlic, just to name a few. The shredding attachment has been great for carrots!
    Food Processor
  3. Mix -n-Chop- This is a great tool that I knew was a must have once I saw it. I make ground chicken, turkey, and beef multiple times throughout the week. This is so nice to chop up the meat into the perfect bite-size pieces. I find this makes the cooking process much easier.
  4. Garlic Press-I can honestly say that nearly every recipe you read on this blog using garlic, also uses a garlic press. I don’t ever mince up garlic by hand. The smell of garlic on your fingers lingers far too long, yet this handy tool will eliminate this problem from you life. My favorite one is linked below. I’ve used many other brand of this but I’m the BIGGEST fan of this one!
    Garlic Press
  5. Ninja Blender- Currently, this is what I’m using this bad boy to make my baby food. I’m so happy with how well this purees food. I’ve found some great recipes that are “all in one” ..blender that is, where all ingredients go in the blender. Blenders can be so unpredictable but I love this one. Mine came with a smoothie size where I blend up my acai bowls.
    Ninja Blender

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