A Healthy Start…2016

A new year is a blank slate. A new chapter. A new canvas just waiting for what’s next! That’s what we have, Lord willing, with every new year. Since ‘eating healthy’ or ‘loosing weight’ continues to be the top new years resolution, something has to be going all wrong. If this is constantly the top change Americans want to make in their life on a yearly basis, they they must have failed at it before.
Along with the clinking of champagne glasses, promises to stick to a new fad or kick a bad habit start forming. I can guarantee you these promises will fail and you’ll end up in the same cycle of frustration and disappointment come February. The problem with fad dieting or going so extreme you literally kill yourself with false hope, is that the lack of sustainability.
Eating wholesome is not about skipping meals, counting calories, binging/purging, or juicing some strange concoction until you’ve reached some goal weight. It is so much more than that. I hope that whatever part of the wholesome journey you are on, you will find this helpful. I’ve been a firm believer in this way of eating for some time now. I literally want everyone to know how this is the way to becoming the best version of yourself. Not to mention the energy you’ll have!
Eating poorly is a result of habit and comfort. Once you’ve had the education on why you are damaging yourself and you begin to replace the bad with the good, you will only continue this annoying, going-no-where cycle.
I hope that you will get educated and share these recipes with those you love. This information is dead if not shared and I am inspired daily with my wholesome kitchen that provide wholesome recipes to share.


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