Baby Food

Our little bundle is almost 10 months. Where does the time go?!

Here is what’s working for our lives:
I’ve got an excellent eater on my hands, and I’m so thankful for that. I’m trying to take full advantage of his curiosity and utilize his willingness to try foods to his nutritional benefit. In an earlier post, I explained how we started his solid food journey. Now, we are becoming more familiar with what works for us. I’m trying to focus on the super foods that will provide the most benefits for his growing body. Mama’s know their babies best so by no means am I claiming that this is the best way to feed your baby! I wanted to share some of my recipes with you!
All of my produce that I purchase is organic. In a perfect world, I would grow my own organic veggies but clearly that’s not the world I’m living in. And it’s cold and winter in upstate New York currently. And I don’t know how to garden. Anyways…
Back to the food I buy, any meat I purchase is the best I can get my hands on. Organic, hormone, antibiotic free, and I cook it slightly more than I would for myself to ensure that I’ve killed as much bacteria as possible. Eggs run the same criteria, organic, free-range, hormone, antibiotic free and local if possible.
The yogurt I bought for two weeks contained sugar. I struggled with this because the only baby yogurt I could find at places like Whole Foods and Hannaford contained sugar. SUGAR! UGH! So then I compared the yogurts ingredients and bacteria and found no differences. Therefore, I then decided to stop buying this baby yogurt (yogurt marketed for babies) that contained sugar and I would just sweeten up my own yogurt with bananas or acai juice. He loved it. I nearly cried. I was a little victory that made me feel like I was outsmarting the food industry for not buying sugar-y flavored products for my sweet baby.

Because we have been feeding him solids for a few months now, here are a few recipes I’ve feed him…with success:)


kale, banana, chicken breast
-3 cups raw baby kale
-1/2 banana
-1 cooked chicken breast, shredded
Place all ingredients in blender until smooth. Add water to give a smoother consistency if desired.

egg and sweet potato
-1 egg, scrambled
-1 sweet potato, roasted
In a small bowl, mix up up the sweet potato until smooth. Add scrambled egg.

yogurt and fruit
-2 cups whole milk, unsweetened yogurt
-1 banana or smashed blueberries, raspberries, kiwi (whatever is in season, about 1/2 cup
Mash up banana slightly. Add banana to yogurt.

steamed veggies and fruit with almond butter
creamy almond butter
Cut the carrots, pears, and apples into strips, 1/2 in thick. Steam in a steam basket until tender. Dip in almond butter. *Almond butter is FULL of protein and an excellent baby food, be sure to buy without sugar or salt and just raw almonds (or make yourself)*

steamed fruits/veggies (that are his favorite)
butternut squash
sweet potato

A few tips…

  • Although controversial, I find that adding a slight sweetness to some new (healthy) foods are worth it. I will add banana or apple that will help with this transition of introducing new foods. I will lessen the amount each time after.
  • I try to make food in batches and freeze it to save time.
  • I prefer to use glass containers rather than the “ice cube looking trays” because 1) they are so difficult to take out and 2) I like the storage and transporting of these better, even though they will take up a bit more room.
  • Use the 3 day rule. Don’t introduce too much at once, stick to the one new food every 3 days.

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