Fulfilling a Need: My Wholesome Table Consultations

If you were to ask me what my hobbies are, I would say FOOD. Everything from cooking to learning about food prep or nutrition…sign me up! I’ve always loved talking to anyone about food, but when we got into altering recipes for dietary purposes, I always loved discussing the potential opportunities and ways to still eat a desired way, without sacrificing flavor. I’ve always believed wholesome food can and should be delicious. Life is too short to eat bland, boring food no matter what your own restrictions or goals are.

I’ve already shared that this website was created as a way to record my recipes that were created for myself and my family. A blog is a great way to carve out some space on the internet for others to easily access, making sharing recipes so much easier. But what about those individuals who want more.

I’ve invested so much time into gaining all the knowledge I can about food and nutrition. Podcasts, research, textbooks, documentaries…you name it, I drink it up and try to learn as much as I can to better my life. However, being in the education business for nearly ten years, I know that true information that is worth passing along should also be valuable to one’s life.

I’ve had people come to me over the last handful of years looking for information, advice, recipes, and other tips and tricks to live a more wholesome life, primarily to obey their health care provider’s advisement, weight loss, or just to feel better. I believe I can provide a unique service to individuals by creating a personalized plan based on their individual needs. The reason why the personalized plans will work, is based on the idea of building a sustainable system that will lend itself to naturally achieve their goals. All of this can happen when you are educated.

See the need? Can you relate? Ready to reach out to schedule your consults?

Some common questions I’ve received regarding the My Wholesome Table Consultations are answered below.

What can I expect to happen during our consults?

An affective consult should last 45-60 minutes. The first consult should be the longest since this is where your own personal information, food preferences, food goals, and specific needs and wants are discussed. All of this information will be used to construct a personalized plan that will help you meet your goals. The second consult is used to educate and explain your own personalized plan. The third consult is used to check in, adjust goals or systems used to reach goals, and set you up for a sustainable way of eating. Consults vary, but are typically 2-3 weeks apart. Every individualized plan is different because each person is different.

Where and when does the consults take place?

Consults have the option of being 100% remote. Consults can be over the phone, facetime, Zoom or Google Meet. The option of meeting in person can be an option for local clients. Contact Mauranda @ mywholesometable@gmail.com to discuss scheduling.

What if I want to learn more before I commit to a consult?

I’m happy to discuss any questions you may have or how MWT consultation services can be beneficial to your life. Reach out to Mauranda at mywholesometable@gmail.com to set up an interest chat to discuss how the Food and Nutrition Consultations can help you reach your food and nutrition goals.

Why is the My Wholesome Table Food and Nutrition Education Consults different from other nutrition/health services out there?

The personalized plan created for you really sets My Wholesome Table apart from other services out there. Having someone who you can discuss your specific food and nutrition goals with, who has been in the education field for nearly 10 years will offer a unique learning experience. So much of the time, doctors will give a food restriction and leave the patients to figure out how to comply. Through education, our consults can give you the knowledge on the “how” that is often left out. The service is not to give any medical advice, but rather take medical advice given to the client from a health care provider and discuss strategies in which they can sustainably live out their diet.


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