Brunch with Friends

IMG_0908Sundays were made for two things: Fellowship with others through Christ  and brunch. I had the pleasure of hosting brunch with dear friends that ended up fulfilling both of today’s purposes. To make things easier, I prepared a few things in advance so that I wouldn’t stress the morning of. I have also included a few shortcuts. I always strive to make things homemade and wholesome, but I have found a few tricks to make my life easier when I already have a busy day to begin with.

The day before I made raspberry muffins and cut up vegetables and washed fruit. The day of, I roasted sweet apple potato side, assembled fruit salad, grilled sausage, and scrambled eggs. I’ve added a few tips for brunch that will help you bring your friends together and enjoy something healthy and delicious..

  1. Don’t skimp on the meat! In my experience, meat is the first thing to be eaten. No matter who my company is, this is a reoccurring  factor.  I usually include some kind of pork, uncured bacon or sausage. And a healthier option of chicken sausage or turkey bacon.
  2. Fruit is always a favorite. You can never have enough. I will either cut up fruit and place on a nice platter or do a fruit bowl. The more color the better. I also never add anything else to my fruit bowls because fruit is so delicious why add extra sugar or juice? I will add some fresh lemon juice if I’m serving apples or pears to prevent browning.
  3. Although we don’t eat gluten, I will cook something that is “bread like” which usually ends up tricking the gluten eaters and result in “Is this really gluten free? really?”. This usually means gf bread, muffins, rolls, etc. I am still experimenting in this department so I will be sure to post when I’ve found some worth mentioning.
  4. Brunch without eggs…can you even call it brunch? I have made quiches in the past but I have also sauteed vegetables and made scrambled eggs for people to enjoy plain or with the vegetables. Quiches tend to look better to the eye, but scrambled eggs are an instant crowd favorite.
  5. Starchy potatoes can be done in a variety of ways. My current favorite was inspired by my brother and sister-in-law who are currently transforming their diet to better serve their health needs. I roasted two sweet potatoes, one onion, one apple, and tossed with olive oil and salt. The results were AMAZING! I’ve also done white potatoes seasoned with pepper, garlic powder, and paprika for a more of a homefries side.

I usually have an assortment  of teas and coffee, sometimes juice to enjoy as well. I think coming together over a meal is a precious gift. Serving your guest good, wholesome food…well that’s an even better gift.

Happy hosting:)


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